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459E Round Baler

9 Series Round Balers

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Whether you're a hobby farmer or small scale livestock producer, you'll get the perfect combination of economy and productivity with the new 459E Round Baler – the newest member in the E Series line of value-spec John  Deere equipment. The 459E replaces our popular 459 Standard baler and comes in two models: netwrap and twine. The net wrap model gives you a 75 percent reduction in bale wrapping time and up to 18 percent reduction in spoilage compared to our previous twine-only balers. That means you'll speed up baling and improve bale quality. The six rugged DiamondTough™ belts cover 90 percent of the bale chamber, providing up to 20 percent greater belt coverage than some competitive balers. This reduces leaf loss, captures more crop, and further adds to bale quality. And thanks our short 10.5-inch diameter strippers your crop will have to travel 1.5 in. less distance to the pickup than the competition which means you’ll get more hay in every bale you make. You get all this plus the features that come standard on all 9 Series machines including Diamond™ chains, an adjustable hitch, MegaTough™ teeth, MegaWide™ Plus pickup, BaleTrak™ Pro monitor, and much more. Save time. Save money. Save room in your machine shed for the 459E Round Baler.

  • Two models: twine or netwrap
  • Makes tight and dense 4’ x 5’ bales
  • Adjustable hitch to match wide array of tractor drawbar heights
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 459E
Size  ---  
Diameter  89 to 152 cm (35 to 60 in.)
Width  117 cm  (46 in.0
Weight  ---  
Full-size bale in dry crop  454 kg (1,000 lb)
Max. allowable for silage bale  ---  
Base weight  1,701 kg (3,750 lb)
Weight*  ---  
*with wide pickup, net, bale ejection sys.  ---  
Length  ---  
Gate closed  361 cm (142)
Gate open  455 cm (179 in.)
Height  ---  
Gate closed  260 cm (102 in.)
Gate open  325 cm  (128 in.)
Width  ---  
With standard tires  226 cm (89 in.)
With opt. tires (Hi-Flotation)  ---  
Bale forming  
Forming chamber  Variable  
Belts-other  ---  
Number  6 belts  
Strength  3-ply  
Width  17.8 cm (7 in.)
Length, regular  Two: 1,171 cm (461 in.)
Length, staggered  Four: 1,185 cm  (467 in.)
Fabric  Nylon polyester combination  
Texture  Diamond tread  
Enclosed % of bale surface  91 percent 
Belt splices  Extra service life  
Density control  Hydraulic, isolated tractor  
Bale size indication  ---  
Regular pickup  
Width  ---  
Inside  117 cm (46 in.)
Flare  142 cm  (56 in.)
Drive  Roller chain with V-belt  
Bars  4  
Number of teeth  72  
Tooth spacing  6.6 cm (2.6 in.)
Lift control  Crank  
Gauge wheels  Optional  
Stripper diameter  25.4 cm (10 in.)
Mega wide pickup  
Width  ---  
Inside  ---  
Flare  ---  
Drive  ---  
Bars  ---  
Number of regular teeth  ---  
Number of mega teeth  ---  
Tooth spacing  ---  
Lift control  ---  
Gauge wheels  ---  
Stripper diameter  ---  
Mega tooth pickup  
Width  ---  
Inside  ---  
Flare  ---  
Drive  ---  
Bars  ---  
Number of middle teeth  ---  
Number of mega teeth  ---  
Tooth spacing  ---  
Lift control  ---  
Gauge wheels  ---  
Stripper diameter  ---  
Twine wrap  
Control  Automatic to preset to bale size  
Type  ---  
Standard  Electric  
Optional  ---  
Twine arms  Two  
Twine ball capacity  Four  
Monitor console for tractor  BaleTrak Pro  
Gate closed  Symbol on monitor  
Bale forming  ---  
Bale size  Digital display  
Near full bale  Audible  
Full bale  Audible  
Twine arm position Indicator  Mechanical indicator  
Auto wrap  Activates when bale reaches preset size  
Oversize bale  Audible and Mechanical  
Surface wrap  
Available  Edge-to-Edge optional  
Tire size  
Standard  11L-14, 8-ply  
Optional  ---  
Drive protection  Shearbolt  
PTO speed  540 rpm 
Type  Constant velocity, category 3  
PTO lockback collar on tractor hookup  Yes  
PTO 60-degree free rotation  ---  
Tractor Requirements  
Minimum PTO  42 kW (55 hp)
Hydraulic SCV valves  ---  
Silage baler features  
Starter roll scraper  ---  
Powered scraping auger  ---  
Spirals on gate roll  ---  
Pre-cutter/slicer  ---  
Date collected    
High-moisture Kit